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taking science and technology as the forerunner, market as the base, environmental protection as our responsibility, and honesty as the foundation

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We adhere to the business philosophy of "taking science and technology as the forerunner, market as the base, environmental protection as our responsibility, and honesty as the foundation."




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Clean vacuum packaging

The details determine the quality, and the heart is for the future.


GMP clean workshop

Qimei has GMP medical device packaging production workshops certified by Shandong Wanzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

We can achieve clean peeling from cover materia.

The blister box of Qimei can achieve complete clean peeling with TYVEK cover material.
The force required for the user to peel Tyvek from the medical blister tray is also called the sealing strength. Still, strictly speaking, the sealing strength is used to evaluate the peeling force and the packaging's integrity, and the sealing performance during the packaging process. The stability of it has a measurement function.



1.About the customization process

Our company focuses on customizing medical device packaging for customers and accepts customized drawings and samples. We can design graphics according to requirements as well. We provide one-stop, personalized services from packaging design, mold development, production to packaging shipments. All pictures on the website are for customers' reference only. There is no stock.

Establishing cooperation---drawing confirmation---mold development---sample production---sample confirmation---mass production---

quality inspection---shipment!

2. About the Production Environment

10,000 class purification workshop certified by Shandong Wanzhong Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

3.About Raw Materials

The raw materials used by our company for medical packaging comply with the medical industry standards and meet the relevant regulations of ISO11607, "Packaging for the Sterilization of Final Medical Devices."

4.About free design of medical blister packaging

Please contact our business staff. Suppose the customized molds and cost budget of the product are accepted and approved. In that case, our dedicated company's design and development team will discuss the requirements in detail with you and provide a free design plan (with a three-dimensional drawing plan) for your confirmation after paying the mold deposit.

5.About the mold

Our company customizes high-end sterile medical blister packaging for large medical device companies and large pharmaceutical companies. The molds used are all high-standard aluminum molds in the industry. The mold fee is RNB6000-1000.

6.About quality assurance

Before mass production, our company will make samples in advance for your confirmation. The signed pieces would be sealed internally as the mass inspection standard. All medical blister packaging will be 100% inspected by the quality control staff before entering the warehouse. As it is a manual inspection and needs transportation to the customer company, please contact our after-sales service staff if there is any quality problem.

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